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Our Mission 

Honi’s Coffee House exists as a non-profit organization designed to transform the lives of impoverished children through a holistic approach using social business as our tool. We believe in breaking the cycle of poverty through spiritual, mental and physical development.


For any disciple, everything begins with his immediate surroundings. We use the term, “finding your entry point,” as a way to naturally develop relationships. Through our passions, gifts, and talents, disciple-makers develop relationships that lead to accountability and spiritual growth. Andrew found Peter, and Philip found Nathaniel and brought them to meet Jesus.

John 1:39-42

disciple others2.png

We employ a simple strategy. We meet weekly for accountability to confess sins and choices made, to discuss scripture read (4-5 chapters daily), and to pray for others to disciple. This connection matures through the life of the relationship and will expand in spiritual disciplines and depth. True discipleship occurs through fluid and organic relationships in which flexibility is essential to stave off stagnation of religious routine and to replace it with a spirit of spontaneous expansion.

2 Timothy 2:2


Missional discipleship means to duplicate or multiply. This is the place in the process that separates all other forms of discipleship. MD or missional discipleship is a spiritual stance, a way of thinking, and a lifestyle that leads others to go and make other disciples. We are called to saturate the globe with healthy and viral producing Christ-followers.

1 Corinthians 4:16-17

There is so much opportunity in this world. Honi's is created with that in help others. In order to help others, there needs to be a tool, and what better way to bring people together in conversation and community than with a fresh cup of coffee or tea?


For centuries, coffee has brought individuals together in community--whether it's to study, dialogue, strategize or share a laugh. With a combined passion of brewing fresh coffee and helping others, plus an unwavering motivation to pursue a dream, Honi's Coffee House was born. 


Working directly with La Finca De Los Niños, an orphanage in Honduras, Honi's coffee sales go towards helping the children with every cup that is brewed. Likewise, Honi's strives to impact its local community by creating employment opportunity, serving the local schools and supporting the homeless.


Honi's will continue to strive to help others through its non-profit business model. In everything we do, we believe in empowering the Honi's community to serve freshly brewed cup at a time.

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